Neuromuscular Therapy | A massage technique that consists of going beneath the muscle to find & deactivate a tsubo, which eliminates the origin of pain

|60 minutes 119| 90 min 159



Energetic Therapy/Chakra Balancing | A Massage Technique that consists of scanning the body’s energetic portals known as chakras to thoroughly balance the body’s ability to transmit and receive energy as well as heal itself on an energetic level.        

|60 minutes 119| 90 min 159



Swedish Massage| A Swedish technique that consists of soft and smooth comforted glides that aid in the body’s natural ability to thoroughly relax & provide the ultimate rejuvenation                          

|60 minutes 109 | 90 min 119



Prenatal Massage | A relaxing experience for pregnant mothers that consist of movements on the expecting mothers abdominal region, to provide stimulation to the mother to improve blood flow circulation. {5-9 months}

|60 minute 119 | 90 minutes 159



Hand & Foot Massage |Great massage for office and group events. Great for unwinding and total relaxation 

|30 minutes 45  | 60 minutes 75