L A S H 


& M A K E - U P

Eyelash extensions are the newest technique in the beauty industry taking the windows to the soul to the next level. Attaching silk and/or faux mink lash extensions to each of the client’s individual lashes using medical grade professional lash glue that last four to six weeks and look like your own.

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       Full set lash extensions | 200

        Eyelash extension refill |150

        Full make-up  | 99-160


  {Please allow 2 hours for this service.}




              Lash Care Tips


Wash your lashes twice daily (AM & PM) with a tear free baby shampoo (small bottle provided for first time lash customers), then gently brush with a dry mascara wand (also provided for lash clients)  


Brushing lashes throughout the day 3-5 times a day helps keep lash extensions debris free & curled beautifully in the correct direction. 


Eyes may become sore for a day or two after lash application. 


Avoid sleeping or laying face down and use only oil free products to avoid lash extension lose.


Do not rub or pull lash extensions to avoid damaging your own lashes.


Do not use mascara or smudge eyeliners to avoid loosing lashes and collecting debris in your lashes.